Proudly; Our Ambassadors

İpek Günad

We would like to thank our young athlete İpek Günad, Turkey's National Triathlete, for choosing our completely natural, nutritious and no added sugar products, and we are always happy to support her. İpek is one of our ambassador.

HDI Insurance Yalova Women's Basketball Team

We believe in the power of women, just as we believe in the power of nature, we are responsible for the healthy nutrition of HDI Insurance Yalova Women's Basketball Team, one of the biggest women's basketball teams in Turkey. The whole team snacks on Rawmygod products.


Feel good stories from our clients.

Ayse Akbal Baysal

There are healthy and delicious products, It has become a staple in my life.

Baran Bedir

I've changed my diet with Rawmygod, I'm healthy, happy, and fit.

Deniz Akın

I replaced my snacks with Rawmygod in office life, now I am more energetic and focused.

Canberk Çevik

A constant companion of my travels, Rawmygod always makes me happy to know that I can spit in my bag without a doubt.