Food + Love + Care

Like our products, our story is completely natural and completely pure.
Endless respect to nature 🌿

Our Story

Our unique story that started with love for nature, inspired by nature, born in Anatolia, fed by Mesopotamia, Our completely raw products that we produce from pure raw materials grown in the untouched unique soils of nature.

Meet our story, which started in 2016, changed the eating habits of thousands of consumers and tells that the real taste comes from nature.

All about RAW!

We set out with the belief that it is necessary to do the right things today in order to create a better tomorrow. In line with Hippocrates' philosophy of "Let what you eat be your medicine and your medicine be what you eat", we aimed to produce vegan and gluten-free products that are completely additive-free, do not contain any preservatives or sweeteners. We set out to return our eating habits to nature. We are here to introduce you to the real flavors of nature and to touch your life. In order for you to wake up healthier tomorrow, we took what we bought from nature.

Semra Ince

Raw in a package with love 💚

Is it possible to fit the natural into the package? We have done as much as possible, we owe to our consumers what we get from nature. In total, more than 30 bars, granolas and delicious balls are completely additive-free, gluten-free, preservative-free and no added sugar!

Our values

Natural Flavourings

Unchanged, untouched, completely nature's own flavors.


Completely gluten-free manufacturing and products.

No Additives

We never bring the additive into our kitchen, it's what's real.

No Added Sugar

There is sugar in nature itself, there is no need for more, all of our products are free of added sugar.

Local Suppliers

It is our duty to support local producers and introduce real tastes to our consumers.

Sustainable Manufacturing

The biggest constant in all our decisions is "sustainability" We do everything in the same place, so we keep carbon emissions to a minimum for distribution.


We will gladly answer.

Are your products completely raw?

All of our products are produced from completely raw materials with our endless respect for nature, we do not cook anything, we do not carry out heat treatment.

How can I order?

You can order from our E-Commerce site in Turkey, and soon from Amazon in the UK and our Amazon store in the European Union

Where does the raw material of your products come from?

We mainly procure raw materials from certified natural producers in Turkey and European Union countries, we do not use any suppliers whose source we do not know or do not have a European Union compliance certificate, we produce with BRC certificate.

Do your products contain preservatives and additives?

None of our products contain preservatives or additives, our production philosophy is completely natural, additive-free, sugar-free, combining what nature offers us and producing wonderful products.

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